Q: It is known that Viagra is much easier to achieve an erection and maintain it. But whether Viagra can help to overcome my anxiety and uncertainty before intercourse?


Yes, it can – indirectly. So many men sex is a certain anxiety and fear – whether they will be able to get and keep a good erection? This anxiety creates a lack of confidence, despite the previous successful experience in the field of sex. Viagra helps men so more easily and safely treat sex because it seems to be “hedging” them from possible failure.

Q: I have problems with erection, but I can not bring myself to go to the doctor because terribly shy when I was questioned about something that, personally. I’m afraid any ridicule – is it possible on such a joke? And the doctor will be required to examine me, feel, make any tests take place … Say it is really so, or I’m too much of yourself too much head and share?


The preliminary survey is designed so that as much as possible not to hurt any feelings of the patient and his answer most queries. No matter how honest was your story, you trust it very carefully and understand the listener. While talking on such intimate topics are not so easy to remember that a doctor thanks to his experience in the treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction will be able to make conversation is not so hard, will be able to timely and appropriate manner “defuse” the situation. With your doctor can talk on topics that you are hesitant to discuss with my closest friends, even his wife or girlfriend. Of course, the doctor will need to carry out some additional surveys – surveys that have from time to time take all the men, and from which all prefer to avoid. You may have to do some other studies – such as the measurement of the total blood supply to the penis. But the survey, according to some of my patients, “is as simple as an electrocardiogram,” as the study of skin sensitivity of the penis.
If a man wants to know more about their health status, or when the doctor is not quite sure about the cause of the erectile dysfunction in this patient, it is possible to carry out a number of more complex and not at all dangerous research in a specialized laboratory. One such study, for example, lies in the fact that immediately after the painless injections into the penis an ultrasound scan blood supply to the penis.

Q: I have three years doing yourself an injection for impotence, and now decided to try Viagra. I would like to know whether my not reduce the chances of success with Viagra that I have been a hundred injection applied?


In any case, you will be able to return to proven ways – for injection, as I understand, is still well you help? And the fact that your penis permanently arrived in action, on the contrary, increases the likelihood of a positive effect of Viagra – in fact structures responsible for erection, you fully intact, although slightly reduced sensitivity.

If the penis does not receive periodic influx of fresh, oxygen-rich blood to the tissues of the connective tissue begins to grow, the body part loses its elasticity. From this the penis can no longer adequately respond to drive signals of the nervous system – not least because that is simply not able to accommodate a large inflow of blood needed for an erection.
However, if you are unlucky and by injection have developed an inflammation or irritation of the penis – to which necessarily had to pay attention your doctor – the injection itself may reduce the reactivity of your penis. But if injections continue to provide you an erection, it is likely that a sexual organ you have everything in order, and it is perfectly perceive the effect of Viagra.

Q: On what grounds doctor selects for patients dosage of Viagra?


The lowest dose of Viagra (25 mg) is administered to patients typically with malfunctions in the liver, because of which will reduce the possibility of decomposition of Viagra and its metabolites excretion from the body. I do most of their patients early in the course appoint a tablet with an average content of the drug (po50 mg) – on three receptions. If this dose is insufficient, I appoint the 100-milligram tablets. But first, the treatment of 100 mg tablets I do not ever use that although the maximum daily dose of Viagra are usually the most effective, receiving a dose and is associated with the highest risk of various complications.
Most patients respond to tablets with average and low VIAGRA is not worse than the maximum dose of drugs – and the likelihood of side effects is much lower in this case. So it makes sense to choose the lowest effective dose for each patient individually.

Q: Is it true that Viagra in larger doses acts faster and longer than small?


I have not noticed that high dosages have acted faster and longer low. How quickly begins to show the effect of Viagra depends largely on your mood and what you have in your stomach (medication on a full stomach slows down its absorption). Although high doses of Viagra in principle last longer and can act on the body, to report that almost all of my patients are more than satisfied with a four-hour “window action”, which ensures their effective dose. And because the risk of complications increases rapidly with increasing dose, I always recommend to stick to the minimum effective dose for you.