What is a generic drug?

What are generic drugs?

  • One of the most intractable and difficult issues still matter of replacing one pharmaceutical preparation to another, which in turn is exactly the same properties and characteristics of the first.
  • Of course, the company is the manufacturer invests considerable financial resources for the initial development of the formula of a drug, and then conduct a thorough study of its composition, reveals all the possible side effects, the ability to check the influence of the drug with other drugs. Only at the end of these studies, a new drug enters the pharmaceutical market, and it occurs only in the case of positive results.
  • Manufacturing companies, as a rule, are not pleased with the fact that some time after the release of their product on the market there are similar facilities, which are manufactured by other companies. This means that the secret formula is no longer a secret, and the force expended by first and monetary resources not compensated in this regard.

In the pharmaceutical practice, there are cases where certain generic drugs was released simultaneously by several companies that are in relation to one another by strong competitors. As a result of this – borrowed all of the same features that were inherent in the original facility, the production of which took enough money and effort.

  • Most pharmacists believe that the original drug – is the best remedy, but it is only a generic copy of which can not fully comply with the original. But even here, practice shows that generics are now even more popular and in demand than the original, largely due to their affordable price.
  • To prevent the spread of generics, many well-known brands are beginning to protect their rights of the manufacturer in various ways, including by means of legal instances. This method provides the patent law, which stipulate the conditions, allowing to keep a secret formula developed by the original over the years. During this time, no other company can produce generic versions of these drugs, using the formula of the original product. In various countries, provided absolutely different times on such a ban, up to 20 years.
  • It is also worth noting that there are situations when held more than 15 years since then, the firm has developed a formula means, conducted research and issued the patent before the market itself appeared this drug. In this case, the company manufacturer is entitled to over the next five years to make a profit from the sale of this drug, but other companies can not be used to develop a formula. However, many owners are trying to patent all legal and illegal means legitimate to extend the validity of the patent in order to protect themselves from potential competitors.
  • One of the most striking examples of such situations is a story that happened about 30 years ago. Then, the pharmaceutical company has invented a molecule of omeprazole, then got a legitimate patent. The company, which manufactures and sells drugs on the basis of the material originally received a patent directly to the molecule itself, and then – in the omeprazole magnesium, and only after that – a patent for the crystalline form of the molecule.

With such a reasonable approach to business, the manufacturing company to rid yourself of possible strong competitors, which in the future could be ahead of her in the manufacture of generic medicines on the basis of this material.